Thursday, January 24, 2008

Visit lakeshore community church sunday at 11 am

Come visit Lakeshore community church this Sunday at 11am at Catholic Central High school auditorium.

News link TV 13 day of burst pipe

Church web site

The artical about are the broken sprinkler line at our churches meeting spot"

This is the letter sent by the pastor of Lakeshore to the church family today.
Praise God! We have caring neighbors who have opened their doors for us to gather in worship for the next few weeks! Please spread the word: For the next few weeks, we will be meeting at Muskegon Catholic Central High School. The auditorium is large enough to accomadate for one service, at 11:00am on Sunday mornings. The school is on the corner of Laketon/Barclay, halfway between the Harbor Theater and our new building... Keep checking the homepage of our church website (click here) for any changes in location. We don't know if/when the Theater will be re-opened for our "Family Reunions", but we're praying to maintain a good relationship with the owner of the Theater. Thanks for celebrating in prayer, with songs of Thanksgiving!!!
- Jerry DePoy Jr.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

John Bytwerk: the best man I have ever known!

My Grandfather was the best man I have ever known. His actions were the same as his words. He set an example of how to live a good life both, as a Christian, and as a father,grandfather,husband,brother,and friend. As I watched him live his life, he continued to develop his spiritual maturity which showed in his love for God and his family. As he got older he became a giver of his time, his wisdom and to those in need or less fortunate. He showed love and grace for me and others in his life. He encouraged everyone he knew to be men and people of God. He started what he finished. He was a man you could count on. He was the patriarch of my family.

Palm Springs: Today was a great day. Feb. 17, 2007

Today was a great day. I got to spend time throughout the day with my grandfather who is dying of cancer we had lunch, dinner, and spent time talking. This trip is the first time my daughter Brooke has been to Palm Springs. She loves the weather and enjoys the old people.

Love your neighbor as yourself

I am so ready for this economy to change. Lets get it going.
Be positive.
Help others.
Do your part.
Give 110 percent at work.
Help your company be profitable.
Buy locally.
Spend money with people who buy or spend money at your business.
Pray to God to bless your community and give wisdom to its leaders.
Be honest.
Love your neighbor as yourself.

My Grandfather died a week ago. June 7 2007

A week ago my grandfather died. I loved him so much. He loved his family so much. He was a great role model to follow. My Grandpa John was the best man I ever knew.

My son Chandler born November 30, 2007

My son Chandler Ray Medendorp
I am so proud of Erin. Each time I see her deliver one of our babies, it makes me want to love her more. Watching her, so determined, going through labor and pushing our babies out, without anything for pain, because of the love she has for a baby she has not even seen, is the most unselfish act I have ever personally witnessed. After hours of effort and pain, we meet the baby, with tears running down my eyes, from the joy of the moment and from the pain I witnessed Erin going through. Erin has the most beautiful smile I may ever see, as she reaches out to baby Chandler to say "It's okay mamas here!". She then embraces the baby with all of the love she has to give him. I look at her and him and think of our other children, Riley, Paige, and Brooklyn, and realize how lucky and blessed by Jesus I am. For that moment, the world stands still and life seems perfect.
So now I can go on loving my wife and my kids and being thankful to God for the blessings that matter the most. Thank you to my mother-in-law Lori, who was such a blessing, driving here at 2 A.M. to be with Erin for the next 11 hours of labor and to stand by her side to love and support her through the most painful and joyful moments of her life. A love and support that can only come from a mother. Also to Erin's father Ray, who always stops his life to help his kids. I think Ray and Lori's top priority in life is to love and help their kids. This week they are taking care of our children at their home for 4 days to give Erin time to prepare and heal. I could go on. Thank you to our other visitors for coming to see us and being a part of our life.
My friends and family are a blessing.