Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hot days

I will be happy to see the 80's. I love being outdoors, but not lately. I feel like I am in Phoenix. My air conditioning in my car is out. Luckily, my friend Chris Collins, loaned me a car while mine is being fixed. It's a boxy car by Honda with air and great gas mileage.
Anyway, I have 3 sales pending to close this month. That is great for my family. I think the Muskegon real estate market hit bottom in June, and has now started a climb. I think it will be a slow and steady climb. I am excited to see my customers making money on their investments again. Its been slow for awhile, as far as appreciation.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Today we went to LCC and we had a guest teacher named Peter. I think he taught on Matthew 22. He reminded us that if you want to be the most in Heaven be like a child. Be humble, be hospitable, be forgiving, and be accountable. I think I should review this. I am sometimes a slow learner.
Later on, we celebrated my brother in-laws birthday, at my dads, with homemade ice cream. Paul was 35 on Thursday. When we got home, my sexy wife mowed are yard.